İmam Aslan

Having made great achievements with an ambitious works from an early age, and continuing his career with the first day’s excitement despite advancing age and dealing with his employees personally, a successful name of Şanlıurfa’s business life, Imam Aslan, was born in 1927 in Şanlıurfa. Aslan studied in Elementary school during Şanlıurfa Bozova incidents and due to financial difficulties couldn’t continue his education and in 40-s began to work as a journeyman in Hemp Industry.

In 1943, being preferred due to his literacy he was hired to Ceylanpinar State Farm. Owing to successful work he was sent to the engineering course to Ankara Forest Farm Drafting Workshop in 1945. After finishing the course with highest grades and returning to Ceylanpınar Aslan took his first steps to successful field works.

Imam Aslan, who always aimed to bring innovations into Şanlıurfa rented a place in Foundations Administration and started a workshop and a garage operation after finishing his military service. In 1948 first he started transport business with single track and sale of petrol in canisters and after a while built a 40 tons weighbridge and sawmill facility inside the garage and continued his way. Being successful in fuel business too, Aslan established the first mechanical arm pump and by taking BP dealership launched Şanlıurfa’s first generator station on 5 km of Akçakale. In the later period he became the owner of 8 more fuel stations in Şanlıurfa.

In 1974 during the Cyprus Peace Operation successful businessman stopped production and sales at Ataş Refinery and provided fuel support to our army from Baghdad and served to our army for further 20 years.
Until 1983 Imam Aslan was involved into yarn and automotive trading, and also included Inter and Ford dealership into his successful business life. Until 1979 he has performed the ring yarn producing UPİSAŞ Plant management. In the end of 1979 he settled down in Bursa and established İmam Aslan Recreation Facilities on 35. km Bursa – Yalova road.

In 1995 Aslan left his business in Bursa to his son, returned to Şanlıurfa, and established ASPET Limited Company on the 5th km on Akçakale road station, which carried out sales of SHELL mineral oils. A short time later built the first Shopping Center in Şanlıurfa on Abide Crossroad. In 2012 he started construction works of the hotel located in the upper part of the shopping center which began to work in 2000. 5 starts Nevali Hotel which has a great importance for Şanlıurfa and its regions will open for service in 2013 with 210 rooms and seven big salons.

Besides the mosque and Koran course constructed before and named after him, Imam Aslan who has signed a contract with Bahçeşehir College in the end of 2012, now is preparing to launch Bahçeşehir college for 2013-2014 academic year for Şanlıurfa’s people service.

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